Sunday, January 3, 2010


you know..
i juz dnt understand sometime y on earth there's people that is soooooooooo
yeah2..i know sometimes we must be selfish bcoz the world is truly unfair..
so what?
for me,there's basic things and rules that u already know and even already learn it..
but,y still people act so SELFISH...?
for example,when someone knows that ure kind,then they will take advantage on u...
when someone knows that ure those kind of ''cepat cair'',then they wil use u..
y cant they regard those kindness as to be role model or what..
n the examples continue ....
well...for those who think they are dang~ selfish...(or maybe they didnt realize it..T_T..)..whatever
please..please stop ur immatured and stupid behaviour..
coz ur not doing any good to any people or even urself..(maybe they did it so they feel much more better..)
thats all i want to said...

~out of ma' system..