Thursday, July 22, 2010


Please someone...

i need an ANGEL.


aLL timE fAVOUriTE..





Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ikon generasi muda..Imam muda

Rancangan realiti yg ditayangkan dlm channel oasis Astro ni mmng feymes skrng,
bkn ape..intipatinye mmng bagus kerana program ni mngcungkil bakat2 generasi muda skrng..
yela..sket2 pertandingan nyanyi least dngan adenye program cmni..minda masyarakat kita terbuka sket.
haa..diorng bkn setakat berbakat,mmpunyai ilmu pengetahuan agama malah berperikeperibadian yg baik.
sepatutnye ,pihak penyiaran televisyen sekitar negara ni patut menyiarkan lebih bnyak program tv seperti ni supaya mnjadi contoh teladan yg baik kepada golongan masyarakat khususnya remaja.


Have u ever feel..
wanna give things up?
dont wanna hold on to anything?
dont wanna stay strong?
feel that the people around u are not fair?


that girl has ..
a reason to hold on.
a reason to not giving up.
a reason to stays strong.
a reason to just ignore temporarily what people said.

she decided to cry no more
coz it broke her heart so much..
all she wants is to be like others..
she keeps blamming herself n become more defensive just to protect herself..
all she wants is one single CHANCE..
why cant people just try to reach out their mind n understand..
coz life is so SIMPLE..
why do people keep making it COMPLICATED?
that girl wants to tell it out loud..
but,no one will hear it..
she cannot share with everyone else coz she dont wants any empathy frm other people..
let it be...she said

that girl dont want to hear any of words such as be patient,dont cry,dont be sad or whatever..

all she needs right now is
a REASON that storng enough for herself to keep on waiting..

p/s: Time fly by quickly,but at the same time things can change a lot too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a thought to share...

I wonder..

how funny life is...

the more we know,

the more we become UNSURE

Monday, July 19, 2010

i am 24 years old finally..
Happy birthday to myself....:)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

drEam HOuse..

How i wish i could have a home like this in the future...

the most important thing is the house must has a large greenish compound...
n of course it should be cozy enough... i wish my dream will comes true..